All things Fishy.

This is me holding a beautiful Bluebone (Blackspot Tusk Fish) which I caught at Barn Hill, in Northwestern Australia.

 A rather nice Coral Trout caught at the same location.

A Queen fish caught at Karratha in a creek.

A nice Cobia pulled out from under a Manta Ray at Dampier.

 My dear husband Theo, holding a Bluebone he caught on one of our outings at Barn Hill.

This is a Giant White Threadfin hubby caught at Pardoo Station in Northwestern Australia.

Theo with two Blues.

Theo with his tuna.  He caught this in our tinnie on a handline and I had to run around behind him untangling his line until he got it in.

This photo is of a wonderful friend who took me fishing in his dingy last year when hubby was not well enough to fish.  Look what we caught!

Whilst 12 kms out to sea, a little finch landed on Ron's hat and took a breather for approximately 1 hour while we fished on.  Eventually he was rested enough to fly off.  We hope he got home!

Launching time at Barn Hill - Surf's not big today.

Oops, bad timing.  That water is really powerful.  A lot of boats are tipped over or swamped when launching or landing back on the beach.

  My Son-in-Law Dave with my Grandson Harlie, posing with a huge Bluebone caught in the Karratha - Dampier region.

My Grandson and his first Snapper and yes, he did catch it himself.

My Son with another good Blue.

If that's the nippers - how big was the crab?

My first Mackie.

Dave with a lovely Red Emperor and a huge Coral Trout.

What a damn shame!!!
  Can't really understand why Dave looks so happy!

 Time to add the photos of fish we caught on our 2011 trip to Broome, Barn Hill, Port Smith, Karratha etc 

On the way up to Broome, we stopped into Karratha to visit the family.  Our Son In Law Dave took us out to his "secret spot" and Theo caught this gorgeous 64cm Bluey.  Couldn't wipe the smile off his face for the whole of the trip!

This is one of the 3 Chinamanfish I caught at Barn Hill, Broome.  Each one got larger - they pull like trains!  Although you can't eat Chinamanfish on the East Coast due to ciguateria poisoning, they are quite safe in this part of Western Australia, and extremely delicious.  If you want to know more about ciguateria poisoning, follow this link -

This is the second of my Chinaman Fish.  He has lost a lot of his colour due to fright.

This is the last of my Chinaman Fish.  It wouldn't fit in the box!

A nice Golden Trevally hubby caught and then released.

A rather nice Bluey (Black Spot Tusk Fish) hubby caught at Barn Hill.

A tuna I caught at Barn Hill.  I caught this on a beautiful combo given to me by my daughter and son in law whilst in Karratha.  It is a Berkley Dropshot 2 with a little Excellor reel and spooled with 10kg braid.  The rod is only about the thickness of my little finger, but is just sooo strong.  I use this combo with 5" weighted plastic Snapback tails.  The fish go for them in a big way.  Most of mine were caught on the pink colour, but white seems to work well too.  Not too many photos of me with fish as I am usually the one taking the picture.

On our way home we called into Karratha again.  Dave took us to another of his "secret spots" to target Cobia.  This is mine, caught on my Berkley dropshot on a 5" pink plastic.  This Cobia inhaled it within 1 minute of casting and jigging it.  It was a challenge on this light gear as it made 5 runs and we had to follow it in the boat so as I wouldn't get spooled.  It was 1.23 meters and weighed 15 kgs.  I was a very happy lady!

This is hubby's Cobia (his first) and he was most proud.  On this day, our daughter and our Son In Law caught a big cobia each too.

Will find some more pics to upload tomorrow.