All things Caravan-ish.

One of our lunch time stop-overs on our journey of approx. 2,350 kilometers following the sun.  Can't you just smell that fresh clean air!

Settled in at Barn Hill under the shade of some lovely trees, red dirt all around.

Washing dries really quick in this climate!

A visitor to a tree near us.

Roast night at Barn Hill Station on a Sunday, enjoying a 3 course meal with the Bidyadanga Aboriginal Band, on the lawn overlooking the ocean.  Add a stunning sunset and it doesn't get much better than this.

Sundown at Barn Hill.

The end of another beautiful day at Barn Hill Station.

Rocks on the South Beach at Barn Hill, Western Australia.

Red dirt hills eroding onto the beach sand.

Stairway from the beach up to the camping area at Barn Hill Station.


Harding River Dam near Karratha, Northwestern Australia.

Harding River catchment area.

A still morning in Dampier, Northwestern Australia.

Sunset on Derby Jetty, Northwestern Australia.

A big boab tree on the Gibb River Road, Northwestern Australia.

Beautiful pool in Wynjanna Gorge, off the Gibb River Road, Northwestern Australia.

More things Wynjanna.

and more.  This is a truly beautiful part of the world.

Banded jasper shines when wet at Marble Bar, Northwestern Australia.

If it can be explored.......


or eaten - my man will do it.

Fortesque River Bridge in the Northwest of Australia.  Notice the large tree trunk flung against one of the bridge supports by flooding.  Occasionally, this bridge goes underwater.

Fortesque River pool just before the bridge.